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Listing #: 3101


  • House Type:Private House
  • City: North Miami Beach
  • State: Florida
  • Country: USA
  • Name of Neighborhood: North Miami Beach
  • # of Bedrooms: 3
  • # of Bathrooms: 2
  • # of Queen Beds: 1
  • # of Twin Beds: 6
  • # of Baby Cribs: 1

  • Kosher Food Available
  • Bakery Goods
  • Dairy Restaurant
  • Meat Restaurant
  • Overview:

    Amazing newly renovated Villa 

    3 Bedroom 2 bath. - One of the Bedrooms is an individual Studio apartment with own Kitchen and bath - will NOT be rented separately - so bring your In-law, brother-sister, or close friend - Share the expense!!!

    Huge 30 x 15 Heated pool

    Fully stocked Kitchen - separate Milchig & Fleishig sinks and sides 

    7-10 Minute walk from most Shulls  

    New Tiles, Kitchen, Living Room, Floors,  Outdoor BBq, all utensils, Shabbos needs

    Please text me your email for a full pdf brochure 

  • Property Description:

    Newly Renovated - Excellent Value

    This beautiful renovated Villa  is located at 7th court and 171 Street in North Miami Beach - 3 blocks from Young Israel and very convenient 5-7 minute walk to Khal Chassidim,  Shaarei Tefilla, Beis Menachem (lubavich),  Magen David (Sefardi/Lubavich), and R' Benzinger (Yeshivish).

    PLEASE CLICK [EMAIL OWNER] Button for a Full Brochure

    Huge windows and very well lit inside and out. 

    Large HEATED pool (15 x 30) with New oversize heat-pump was just diamond-brite'd.  Has underwater color changing bright LED - complete WOOD-ON-WOOD FENCE (mechitza)

    Huge Back Yard (for N Miami beach) has lots of grassy areas and a full patio set - 6 chairs, & brand new BBq with all the utiensils - VERY WILL LIT -so use and swim at night comfortably.

    Dining Room has a wide Baal-Batish table - 6 chairs but easily sits 8 or more (see photos) - China closet has candle sticks, challa cover, Havdolo candles & bessomim, shabbos Tishtecher and a few other items. - new porcelain floor.

    Living Room has a brand new all LEATHER all RECLINING sofa, love seat (with console) & recliner - 2 ceiling fans, TV and internet.

    Kitchen is brand new oak cabinets - KASHERABLE GRANITE (for pessach)  - completely separate Milchigs & Fleishgs counters and sinks. (see photos) new porcelain floors, stove,oven, huge French Doors refrigerator WITH SHABBOS MODE (r'heinnaman star-k approved)  - has over the counter convection oven with rotisserie. - food processor, chopper, pots pands, silverware (both milchig & fleishig) coffee maker, toaster  milchig & fleishig dishes ... too many items to list.

    One of the bedrooms is actually a STUDIO with own kitchen (fridge, sink & some appliances)   and an amazing view of the back yard (very large windows)  - it will NOT BE RENTED SEPARATELY - so bring a sibling, in-law or FRIEND to share costs!!!



  • Rate 1 Description: before Pessach
  • Price Per Day: $275
  • Rate 1 Price: $325
  • Price per Week: $1,995
  • Rate 2 Description: after Pessach
  • Price Per Month: $7,950
  • Rate 2 Price: $250
  • Rate 3 Description: Pessach
  • Rate 3 Price: $6,000

  • Minimum Days to Stay
    : 3
  • All Other Fees:

    $150 cleaining fee

    $500 damage & scurity deposit 

  • Check in Time: 4 pm
  • Check out Time: 10 am
  • Price Per Peak Season
    Price per day
    : $325
  • Price per Week: $2,395
  • Price per Month: $9,950

  • Dates of peak Season
    : Sukkos through End of Pesach

  • Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice


  • Name of nearest Shul: Khal Chassidim, Sharei Tfila, Young Israel, Beis Menachem, Kolel, R Benzinger
  • Walking Distance: 7 minutes
  • Address of Shul: 172 & 10th ave
  • Mikvah: Mikvah on premises
  • Mikvah Tahara: Mikvah Tahara in the area
  • Name of Mikvah Tahara
    : Jovita Kojab (hashgacah R' Weberman)
  • Meat Restaurant: Chai Wok
  • Under Supervision of: ORB / Glatt
  • Restaurant Address: 1688 NE 164th St
  • Restaurant Phone #: (305) 705-2110
  • Meat Restaurant 2: Grill Time
  • Under Supervision of: ORB - glatt
  • Restaurant Address: 16145 Biscayne Blvd
  • Restaurant Phone #: (786) 274-8935
  • Dairy Restaurants: Jerusalem Pizza
  • Under Supervision of: Kosher Miami
  • Restaurant Address: 761 NE 167th St
  • Restaurant Phone #: (305) 653-6662
  • Dairy Restaurant 2: Uncle Noodle Pizza
  • Under Supervision of: Kosher Miami
  • Restaurant Address: 2530 NE Miami Gardens Dr
  • Restaurant Phone #: (305) 918-8998


    Listed by: Samuel Genzen
    Phone:1-845-666-3300 Ext #3101
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  • Listed on: Mar/17/2016
  • Updated on: Jan/08/2018
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Rated    5/5 based on 6 customer reviews

Submited By: on Aug 09,2017

Our 5 day stay at uncle Shulem's villa was something memorable! Traveling with children can be a challenge, especially over shobbas. Uncle Shulem made sure that we had all of our needs met. From becher, to havdala, and from chullent pot, to table cloth etc... I particularly appreciated his personal touch. He puts his heart into what he offers. We mentioned that we may need more towels and pillows and he quickly provided, fresh clean towels and new pillows, although we told him that it was not a must. He offers his help with recommendations of shulls and restaurants etc....My husband needed the Amud for Minyonim as he is in the year, and Uncle Shulem was very helpful with directing him to the right gabaim etc... The house was super clean! That was a very important factor for us. While the villa is by no means luxurious, it is comfortable, simple and spacious. (The bathrooms can use an upgrade.) My family loved the pool area. The villa comes with a blue tooth enabled boom box that can be connected to the outside pool area. We had great family pool parties with blasting music! I would highly recommend this villa and hope to come again with family.

  5/5 stars

Submited By: on Mar 27,2017

We had a fabulous time! The House was neat and clean and the pool was spectacular and warm. Shulem is a great guy! He was very accommodating; and his suggestions and tips were a big plus. We were only two; but house is ideal for large family as well. Would recommend to anyone! The Fischmans

  5/5 stars

Submited By: on Nov 01,2016

We were a large group and stayed at Uncle Shulem's villa for a few days including a shabbos. This was the highlight of our family vacation. Spacious clean house with all of the features listed on this website. Huge backyard with an awesome pool completely private. Very comfortable beds. Fully stocked kitchen. Great location. Owner was very nice and extremely helpful. We will be'H return and certainly recommend to family and friends. Thank you Mr. Genzen for such a pleasant stay. The Buxbaum's

  5/5 stars

Submited By: on Sep 03,2016

We stayed for shabbos, the house was beautiful it had everything we could think of from candles to spices to separate milchig and fleishig dishes and sinks. We arrived thinking we would have to go shopping for all the basics, but then we realized that the house comes with all the basics one can think of. The pool was very nice and refreshing motzai shabbos with all the kids. House and backyard are very spacious and comfortable. Really was a very relaxing pleasant stay, and the owner is such a nice guy. I would definitely be reserving this villa again.

  5/5 stars

Submited By: on Aug 24,2016

We stayed in Uncle Shulem's Villa #3101 this summer. It was very enjoyable. The owner greeted us wihen we arrived and was very helpfulThe house was equipped with everything that is needed for shabbos. The kitchen was great. Fully stocked with all the paper goods needed.. The house was very nice and comfortable. We enjoyed the pool as well. It is a very nice size pool with a large grassy back yard. I definitely recommend this house and would go back again.

  5/5 stars

Submited By: on May 09,2016

My wife and I rented this villa in May 2016 for 3 days (Thursday through Sunday). We had a great experience. The owner of the house was extremely friendly and accommodating. He seems to be a shomer halacha and was very makpid that we were as well. The kitchen and living room area looks newly redone. The house has all the odds and ends we needed for Shabbos (ex. A blech, challah board & cover, Shabbos candles and a havdalah set). The house was 3 blocks from YI of Greater Miami. There were a few other shuls that were very close, one yeshivish, one chassidish and a Lubavitch. The neighborhood is very diverse (and can be a bit scary to walk around at night), but the house seems very well secured. There are protective bars on the windows the backyard has a locked fence all the way around it. The pool was amazing. There was a fence all the way around the yard so that you can swim in privacy. It was very tzanuah. The owner seems to be making more improvements all the time. As we were leaving, he was bringing over a brand new queen size bed.

  5/5 stars
Price Per Day:
Standard rates
$275 - $325

Listed by:
Samuel Genzen
P. 1-845-666-3300 - Ext #3101

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