Hotel Room? or Vacation Rental:

Vacation Rental vs a hotel room

Convenience is important to any traveler. You want easy access to all of the amenities you use in your everyday life. The travel experience should be better than every-day life, it should give you more peace of mind and less stress. Choosing a vacation rental over a hotel is always a smart decision when traveling. It means you get more space and more luxury. You go from squeezing into one of many rooms to stretching out in a space that’s perfect for you and your family. When you choose a vacation rental you automatically become the one and only customer. Unlike in a hotel, where thousands of guests have to be satisfied at once, your vacation rental owner focuses his efforts on satisfying YOU. All your unique and specific needs can be met in an efficient and reliable manner, a standard of service that most hotels just aren’t up to.

You can eliminate the inconveniences of travel and just enjoy the fun part. By choosing a rental in which to relax and enjoy your vacation, you guarantee a stress-free stay wherever you may be. Enjoy the benefits of having your own kitchen, a place to eat in if you choose to stay inside for meals, a full range of appliances needed for the home-away-from-home experience. Take advantage of the privacy to spend time with your family or do your work in peace and quiet. Whatever you may choose to do on your vacation, staying in a rental will make everything easier and more comfortable.

Kosher Vacation Rentals

There are advantages to choosing a vacation rental rather than a hotel room, many of which are obvious. You get more space for your money, the comfort of having all of the amenities that you are accustomed to, and a more personalized and luxurious travel experience. How much more convenient would it be if you could rent a kosher vacation rental designed specifically for the Observant Jew? Your views on travel would be changed forever.

This site is similar to other vacation rental sites in that you can reserve a vacation rental unit that owners from all over the world post online. It is made decidedly different, however, by the fact that the posters are Observant Jews themselves, and offer units designed for the kosher travel experience. On this site, not only are you able to reserve a Jewish-owned, Jewish-operated vacation rental in every part of the world, but you can also retrieve extensive and specific information about all of the amenities and services pertaining to the specific rental. We offer all of the relevant information you could possibly need as a religious Jew traveling away from home.

Our kosher vacation rentals boast kosher kitchens, sforim collections, and many other amenities you may require as a unique traveler. Our units are equipped for Shabbos observance, something that would obviously be a great challenge in a hotel or unit otherwise unprepared for such an experience. Each listing contains a thorough description of the unit and all it offers, including a collection of authentic and clear photographs of the entire space. In addition to a detailed description of the unit, you can also find a list of kosher/Jewish services and amenities nearby. We even provide a map of the neighborhood with your proximity to shuls, mikvahs, kosher groceries, and whatever else you may need easily identified, the exact locations plotted clearly on the map. In this way, you can get all of your travel needs taken care of in one shot, as our site provides you with everything you can possibly need as a traveler in your position. Our site runs according to the Jewish calendar so that you can refer to it as you book your reservation and make plans to travel during a holiday season.

It’s hard to believe planning your trip could be this easy, but we’ve ensured that your travel experience is convenient and hassle-free with a site that has everything you may require at your fingertips. We’re happy to take care of your travel needs, whatever they may be.